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Eat on the Wild Side


Eat on the Wild Side


What We Are Doing

The Fishermen's Memorial raises awareness for Seattle's local fishing community. The mixed media sculpture was built in 1988 at Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal in honor of the fishermen who have died at sea. Atop is a bronze fisherman, shown pulling a halibut over the rail. We have adapted the image to additionally serve as the logo for the Eat on the Wild Side site.

The statue and the brave fishermen of current remain our inspiration to join together as the Fishing Vessel Owners' Association and Deep Sea Fishermen's Union as a means to educate the public about our Seattle Halibut, Sablefish and other fixed gear Seattle fishing community.

Eat on the Wild Side

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Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal -  Fishermen's Memorial

Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal - Fishermen's Memorial


Founding Partners 



Fishing Vessel Owners' Association

The FVOA is a trade association of longline vessel operators formed in 1914. Its mission is to promote safety at sea, ensure competitive pricing, and promote habitat-friendly gear with minimum bycatch.

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Deep Sea Fishermen's Union

Established in 1912, the DSFU was created by working fishermen on Seattle's waterfront to promote higher wages, safer working conditions and a sustainable fishery. 

As the oldest and only fishermen union, we continue this mission.