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Washington Maritime Blue Strategy Unveiled At Seattle's Pier 66

Washington State’s Maritime Advisory Council and Governor Jay Inslee rolled out their thoughts on a “Greener” future for Washington State’s Maritime sector today at one of the Port of Seattle’s prime holdings, Bell Harbor at Pier 66.

Representative Gael Tarleton (center) and Governor Jay Inslee

Representative Gael Tarleton (center) and Governor Jay Inslee

Event sponsors believe that as a leader in sustainable maritime practices, the state of Washington is the first to implement a comprehensive strategy for developing maritime business, technology and practices that promote a growing economy, healthy ecosystems and resilient communities.

The event featured the formal roll-out of the plan, discussion with Gov. Inslee, and presentations by Maritime Innovation Advisory Council Co-chairs and leaders of current active demonstration projects.

It is unclear at this point what, if any, immediate effects Washington State’s Strategy for the Blue Economy will have on Washington and Seattle’s commercial Halibut and Sablefish fishermen as we grow increasingly concerned about the rapidly deteriorating abundance of North Pacific fisheries.

James Johnson