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Alaska Salmon Troll Fleet Earns MSC Halibut Certificate

People have relied on the oceans as a source of food and for the livelihoods of thousands of years…

… and Eat on the Wild Side helps make sure that this stays this way!

Eat on the Wild Side Eat certifies the highest quality and sustainably harvested Halibut and Alaska Sablefish through its Marine Stewardship Certificate (MSC) and the Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) certificates.

Recently we were asked by the Alaska-based Seafood Producers Co-op to include halibut delivered by Southeast Alaska salmon trollers into our vaunted certificate programs.

Having concluded its review and vetting process over the summer, Eat on the Wild Side is pleased to report that Pacific Halibut sustainably harvested the Alaska troll salmon fleet in S.E. Alaska is now part of the certificate program.

Please read the letter below detailing the review and certificate award process

Look for Marine Stewardship and Responsible Fisheries Management certificates wherever you purchase artisanal Halibut and Alaska Sablefish.

Please see the MSC Certifications portion of our site to see a list of MSC certified companies in our program and click the button below to learn more

James Johnson